Tietiesdraai lies in the heart of Paternoster. Legend has it that ship wrecked Portugese sailers who on landing safely on the beach
offered up the prayer “Pater Noster” hence the name of our village ‘Paternoster” meaning “Our Father”.

Although life in Paternoster is still closely associated with the sea and fishing industry, it is to this historic and peaceful little fishing
village that the traveller comes to relax. The Cape Columbine Nature Reserve with the well-known 'Tietiesbaai' offers beautiful wildflowers
during August and September. Whales and dolphins also visit these waters for ten months of the year.

Tietiesdraai consists of 4 self catering units. The house is on the way to Tieties baai just before you leave Paternoster.

A warm welcome awaits you!

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